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From the beginning of February two new faces are working in the office of Ready 4 life. Marc and Sarah both are studying Event Management in Breda and now work as interns for Ready 4 Life. They really feel at … Continue reading

Newsletter April 2013


Newsletter November 2012

Every day is a challenge! There is a dire need of assistance amongst the childeren and the youth we work with. We work in the area that has approximaltely 1 million people; unemployment rate is approximately 70% and mostly of the unemployed are between the ages of 18 to 25 years, childeren under the age of 12 drop out of school because of parental neglect, there has been an increase of HIV/AIDS infections by 15% and the most infected are the childeren under the 12 years of age , the youth us under the pressure of choosing the life of gangsters due to unemployment and peer pressure. We really need your support, financially and for you to come to South Africa for volunteering.

Give children and youth a better future with your assistance!

By volunteering, an internship in South Africa and to donate


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Ready4Life is a South African development organization. You are welcome to join us by volunteering in South Africa or doing an internship. We are a development organisation and that is why you will work in the projects which R4L has set up. You will work directly with locally trained persons and we will guide you and advise in your work. You will work together with our project leader Avril Hobson, our local expert!